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Membership Application
Become a member of HealthyPlanet

When you join the new HealthyPlanet, your membership donation supports our unique & critical programs run by people with decades of experience and a true commitment to enhancing the community and making a difference. You will also receive many member benefits:

  • Potential savings of hundreds of dollars each year when you shop at our growing list of local health food stores, cafes and restaurants enrolled in our 10% Discount Program.
    (Call 421-5591 for an up-to-date list.)

  • Discounted admission to all potluck Dinner/Lectures and special events.

  • A 10% discount on all HealthyPlanet merchandise.

  • Access to our “Members Only” Networking Forum ads in our Newsletter & to Members Forum announcements at our popular monthly Dinner/Lecture Series.

  • A monthly, automated “keep in touch” phone call and/or e-mail to inform you of and invite you to our many fun and educational upcoming events.

  • Subscriptions to our Newsletter which includes the latest research, updates on programs and, of course, our local events calendar.

Support our positive message of change, health and compassion. Your membership and contributions support our invaluable educational outreach in communities and schools via programs such as our Healthy School Lunch Program which has been teaching both kids and parents about healthy eating while assisting schools in providing more healthful, plant-based options.

  • Indicate your membership level and click the “Join HealthyPlanet” button
FAMILY (includes 2 cards) $50  INDIVIDUAL $35

*Monthly Pledge
(*Please email for an Authorization for Auto Payment form)

Family Level And Higher Receive 2 Discount Cards
Please allow 2-4 weeks for membership packet to arrive


  • OR, if you prefer:
    PRINT this application form, fill it out and mail it with your check (payable to HealthyPlanet) to:
    HealthyPlanet, P.O. Box 163, Huntington, NY 11743

If you have difficulty submitting this form, please call 631-421-5591 and we will gladly take your information.

HealthyPlanet • 55 Gerard St. #163, Huntington NY 11743
Phone: 631-421-5591


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